Here are some race clips. This collection of files is sure to grow with time, and of course all of the footage here was taken on closed roadways.


AccordRace1 - 0.6Mb

The first race between my 4runner and a 2004 Honda Accord auto, which makes 240 horsepower stock. I was worried about my clutch so I tried to launch easy, but still chirped the tires in 1st and 2nd gears.

AccordRace2 - 2.6Mb

The second race between my 4runner and the 2004 Honda Accord auto. Filmed from a better position than the first race. By the way, the Accord weighs in at about 800 lbs less than my 4runner.

QuarterMileRun1 - 4Mb

This clip shows the display on a Gtech Pro accelerometer after the 4runners best ET to date of 14.83 seconds at 99.2 mph, followed by a mediocre run filmed from inside the cab, with my friend Justin driving and me filming.