Update - 8/8/04

I have about 250 miles on it so far and it has been great. The real test will be when I tow something up a long grade, but I think it will be just fine. Here are pics of the final installation:



When I originally swapped the 7mge into my 4Runner I figured the stock supra radiator would be sufficient, and it was. However, with the 7mgte, the temp gauge would begin to climb when pulling a trailer up a hill in 70 degree Fahrenheit weather. Needless to say something had to change. After researching different options, I decided to install a griffin aluminum radiator which I purchased from Summit Racing. It was very reasonably priced, and it seems to be rather high quality. It is a two row, one-inch tube radiator, and it will far outperform the stock supra unit. Fitting it in there required more modifications and fabricating some brackets, but I think it worked out nicely, see the pics below. The first is with the stock supra radiator, and the others with the new griffin one. I also added a lower cross member as shown, which really stiffened the body up in that area, quite a bit more than I anticipated. I also welded in some supports toward the hood latch since I will have to remove my fan mounted support once I get an intercooler.