1988 Supra Turbo Targa Top


The first and only car I ever owned, the supra was a lot of fun to drive. I bought it as a project car; it had some significant body damage on the right rear quarter panel. I did not take a picture of the damage when I got the car, but I have some in process pics of my repair job shown here. The picture at right was taken about 4 months after my repairs were completed. It was quite a process, I think I counted something like 130 spot welds holding it on that had to be drilled out. Then there was the seam across the rear sail panel to weld, which intimidated me quite a bit but turned out great. I replaced the quarter panel with a used that I cut off of one of Monte's donor supras. It was tough to get it off without bending the heck out of it; it really tried my patience.

I didn't do anything to the Supra performance wise, I just drove it for about a year and a half after fixing it and sold it. I tried to see it as more of an investment type project, and it worked out for me. Someday I might get one again to keep.

Repair Process Pics

You can see the remnants of the old quarter panel at bottom left